UNIMI scholarship in Telemedicine funded by Link Up

Set 1, 2022

PhD in Public Health Science by UNIMI. Link Up funded the scholarship allocated to the research project “Towards a value-based Healthcare: the role of the Telemedicine”. The scholarship includes a period to be carried out in the company and an experience abroad.

The project supervisioned by Professor Marta Marsilio – Associate Professor Business Economics in Healthcare Management – is aimed at analyzing the declination of the value based healthcare (VBH) model in the digitalization and technological innovation segment of health services. The analysis must contribute to the identification of organizational and managerial improvement strategies and actions, enabled by digital transformation, and of related KPIs to support decisions that are able to contribute to making health services efficient, effective and sustainable, also with reference the identification of consistent service pricing models. The analysis will be carried out preferentially with respect to applications aimed at strengthening and strengthening services and services provided on the territory and the integration of hospital-territory routes. The project also includes the study of experiences and applications in health systems at an international level, in order to identify innovative and valuable operational models and solutions for the NHS. The analysis of the solutions must be aimed at highlighting their impacts by adopting a multidimensional (economic-financial and managerial) and multi-stakeholder perspective.